24 April 2014

watermaker and time

We managed enough of a repair on the watermaker to make it work again,
it's now generating fresh water. We will probably need to motor through
the night tonight so we will leave it running as we do. So we may even
have enough water to shower in tomorrow.

Also we have changed time zone to Tahiti time, UTC - 10. So as I write
this it is now 6:20pm on Wednesday 23rd April for us, which means we
have just gone forward 1 hour and back one day (or back 23 hours if you

Less than 600 miles to Raivavae now, and we're finally into the "warmer"
latitudes. Sitting on the deck today, in full sunshine, shorts and
t-shirt, eating some pasta and some of the tuna that we caught, I
figured this isn't all bad even though we've taken a lot longer to get
there than I had originally planned.