01 April 2014

No You Don't Get F**ing Wafers With It

We're still becalmed, so yesterday we spent the day motoring southwards
to find some wind and overnight, in order to get some sleep, we decided
to heave to about 80 miles southwest of the Chatham Islands.

I was awoken this morning by the morning watch crew who said "come up
and look at this". Sitting around us in the calm waters in all
directions around Chiara Stella was a flock of about 20 albatrosses,
also all similarly becalmed. They too had obviously decided to sit and
wait for some wind. There was one enormous bird sitting no more than 2
or 3 metres from the boat, calmly watching us as we took some photos and
went about our business.

You can't buy tickets to that.

Just a reminder that all I can do out here is send emails to post to the
blog (and perhaps some of those posts make it to Facebook). If you want
to chat back to me then do that via email -- delsat@babel.com.au -- but
please keep it short and text only because it has to come via the sat
phone. If someone can send me some cricket scores or an update of
what's happening in the world T20 that would be good.