23 April 2012

Just to prove that sailing isn't all about sitting on the foredeck sipping cocktails

I spent most of last weekend upside down in a bilge cleaning out the remaining contents, after having replaced the bilge pump switch the weekend prior.

I also replaced the foot pump in the heads which had broken and torn off the bulkhead.  I'm not convinced about the fixings this time, I'll have to have another look later when I'm less tired.

I also had a rigger come out to measure and quote on a few items.  Replacing one halyard winch, cleaning and servicing two others, fitting a furler to the babystay, and replacing the guardrails.  This all just to remind me that boats are mostly about spending money.

Still, if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it.

15 April 2012

Work Day

Another tiring and somewhat frustrating day.

The plan was to pick up some replacement oars (one vanished, assumed sunk) for the dinghy, row it to shore, clean the bottom, row it back to the boat and roll it up back into its bag on deck.

When I got to Whitworths I discovered that they no longer stock those oars, or any spare parts for that brand of dinghy, or that dinghy, or any spare parts for their current range of dinghies (which are cheap glued PVC but the oars would have fitted).  So I picked up some cable to fix the bilge pump and headed out anyway, figuring I'd motor to and from shore instead.

When I got to Chiara Stella I discovered that the dinghy fabric had indeed died at the front (it had been threatening to do so for some time but was basically still OK as of last weekend) and so it was no longer worth salvaging.  4 years for a PVC dinghy seems to be about the norm (the manufacturers generally say "good for 7 years" but only warranty them for 3) so I will ditch it and get one of these instead:


Hypalon definitely seems to be the go even in Sydney.

Fixing the bilge pump was successful, it was a corroded connection in the cable (again).  Re-cut the cable and re-joined with heat shrink and silicone tape.  Also there appears to be a fair amount of sand in the bilge -- I'm guessing it's found its way down there since NYE when a few people arrived on board with sandy feet.

The other things I had on my list to do were to measure the aft mattress (it needs replacing, and I have found some under-mattress aeration to use) however I forgot that.  I will probably just bring it out at some point and take it to the foam booth to get re-cut and re-made, and have it measured for the aeration there.  Also to set up the canvas awning which I ran out of time to do.

Sailcorp continue their spectacularly appalling run of outs with the tender service -- started to call them at 4:15 to get the 4:30 tender, finally managed to get hold of someone at 4:45 who told me I'd missed the tender (which had clearly not run as I was watching it sit on their dock the entire time).  Some grumpiness later I got picked up, avoiding having to spend the night out there.

I also picked up the wash pump from the heads which had broken a few months ago, and also I figure I'll need to add a service kit for the Whale 25 manual bilge pump to the list of things I need.