29 July 2013

It's starting to look like it's really happening.  My flat looks much bigger now with most things either gone or packed into boxes.

The few things remaining:  Air Conditioner sold on eBay but the purchaser never paid or showed up to collect it so it's re-listed.  Wardrobe is still here and is now empty, I have someone interested but not sure when it's going to be moved.  One bar stool and one telephone table still need a home, and the hanging robe may or may not have a home (freecycle if it doesn't).  The futon doesn't have a home yet either but I'm currently sleeping on it having gotten rid of my bed, so that will have to be last to go (probably freecycle as I won't have time to eBay).

Garb has either been packed into boxes or sent away to new homes, except for 2 pieces (one needing repair and one which will have to be hung on board).  There is still a box of engine parts which will have to be eBayed along with the old engine, and also a box of paints, some of which will come with me for touch-ups and some will have to go to the council for disposal.

Then the last few things - computer desk has a new home, my rabbi's chair will be sent west to family, and the futon.

The initial crew that volunteered for the Southern Ocean leg have pulled out but the reserve crew are keen and are booked in.  Retired yachtmaster and his wife, both a bit older than I am but experienced.  Unfortunately the reserve crew don't speak French so I'm going to have to do some scratching my head and pointing at phrasebooks once I get to Raivavae.

Look out Pacific Ocean, I'm heading your way.

07 July 2013

Test post from navionics

Just checking to see if I can post pictures from navionics here directly