21 September 2010

Bird Island Race this weekend

Heading off 7pm Friday night.  No, I don't race in my boat, it's not really set up for that, I'm crewing/navigating on a friend's boat called NEMESIS so look for us.

I guess if you lived in the area around Budgewoi and were prepared to head for the beach around midnight on Friday and into the early hours of Saturday morning, well probably late Saturday for some of the smaller boats, you'll see a line of yachts rounding Bird Island just off the shores of Budgewoi beach.  In amongst those will be us.

After 4 trips up the mast ...

... the masthead lights are finally all working.  I needed a replacement lens for the light, the old one crumbled to death when I touched it.  Also new bulbs (LEDs) and a couple of shims under the contact block to lift it up off the masthead plate a little bit so it made better contact with the points on the bottom of the light.