20 April 2014

Waiting for another southerly

Well we are still out on the ocean, already 4 days longer than I had
anticipated and maybe about 8 or 9 days to go. The current wind is
about 20 knots from the east which is giving us good progress northwards
(or would be if we weren't hove to cooking dinner) but it's due to
strengthen tomorrow and then turn NE, which means we'll have no option
but to heave to again, maybe for 24 hours or so. After that the winds
lighten but remain northwards, which means we will probably motor for a
while, then there is another south westerly due on Friday which should
see us in Raivavae a few days after that.

Cloud cover is 100% for what is now the 12th day in a row. The cloud is
thinning though which makes me think we might get a day of sunshine
except for the occluded front associated with a low to the NW of us.
The instruments are all running on empty (solar chargers) and we are
having to run the engine daily to keep the house battery charged.

I completely forgot it's Easter back home. I hope the bunny brought you
some chocolate, I believe we're now completely out on board. I plan to
devour an entire tub of either chocolate or French vanilla ice cream
when we next get in to port.

We are currently at 37 50S, 149 27W, I haven't received confirmation
about the last few position updates so I guess the sat phone is playing
up again.