26 April 2014


We have been hit by another strong gale overnight associated with a
storm that ran nearby, and so we're now hove to. Unfortunately
yesterday's prognosis, which showed the storm running to the SE by mid
morning today, has been changed to show that it will sit along side us
all day today and all day tomorrow so we're stuck here for at least 24
hours, probably 36 and maybe even 48.

All this with less than 500 miles to go, it seems we're so close but so
far. Winds are too strong at the moment even to motor out of it so we
have no choice but to sit and wait.

We made about 60 litres of water with the water maker so we now have
sufficient fresh water on board, however the water maker now needs some
extra repairs that I don't have the parts on board for (need to cut some
new threaded rod). That will have to wait until we get to Papeete.