23 April 2014

Back on track again

Position updates started sending again after we rode out a storm --
thanks for that, Iridium. On Monday about 4pm with seas and winds
building (much contrary to forecast), we decided to heave to. During
the night the winds moved northerly and peaked at around 45 knots,
before dropping to 35 around 7am and 25 by midday. At that point we
gybed back around and put away the genoa, and started motoring north.
By 1pm yesterday the wind was about 20 knots on the beam but continued
to drop, so by 1am today we were motoring again. The swell was about 8
metres during the worst of it, had dropped to about 4-6 by yesterday
morning, and I'm now seeing maybe back to a 3 metre swell outside my nav
station window right now.

The storm had been forecast to run a fair way south of us but clearly
changed its mind during the afternoon as to which way it was headed. We
got driven a fair way south by the whole thing but there wasn't anything
else we could have done, the wind was too strong to either sail or motor
out of it, we just had to sit and wait.

Everyone and everything on board appears to be mostly intact, we did
lose our mast head windex but that should be easy to replace at the next
port of call.