28 April 2014

position update

The iridium has stopped sending position updates for the last while
(although it seems that every time I post that it starts again) so I'll
have to get it replaced, it's clearly faulty.

We're currently at 30 24S 146 53W, making about 5 knots on course 320M
or about 337T, just a bit west of true north. We have a bit less than
400 nm to go to Raivavae. Conditions are pleasant and sunny although
I'd like it to warm up just a little, the southerly has dropped the
temperature over the last few days. Swell is still quite high, left
over from the storm we just had, but winds are now about 18 knots from
the south, a decent sailing breeze pushing us along nicely.

If this holds we'll get there around 30th April our time (we're on UTC
-10 hours now, so almost a day behind NZ and east coast Australia).