14 April 2014

Tough but surviving

The last couple of days we've had strong easterlies, on which we've
headed north, and then strong northerlies on which we've headed east.
During the night on Saturday we hove to, waiting for the wind to swing
through from east to north through north-east (which we can't sail to).
We lost a bit of ground but we're making it up now. Both days were
strong enough winds to have to reef fairly deeply and keep to our bunks.
Yesterday we had a bit of a movie marathon downstairs, including Kick
Ass and a couple of others.

Today we have no wind, or nearly no wind, so we're motoring north east.
Next thing to do will be to guess when and where the predicted
southerlies will hit us, which will help drive us northwards.

Haven't seen the sun for 4 days and it's looking unlikely that we'll see
it today. I really don't mind being at sea but I'd love some warmer
weather, and the solar panels would like some sunlight in order to
charge the batteries.