08 July 2014

Leaving Rarotonga again

Well we finally left Rarotoga for the second time, after replacing the
genoa, forestay, and furling luff for the genoa furler. Although it
feels good to be out on the water again, I will miss the folks back in
Rarotonga and will go back there again some day.

Big shout outs to Bret Scott of Scott Sails in Manly Vale, Sydney, for
getting a new genoa made to my previous measurements which he had on
file. Bret I don't know if you're reading this or in contact with Megs
who probably is but the new sail fits perfectly and is currently poled
out on a dead downwind run, about 12 knots of breeze behind us and
drawing well.

On the island big shout outs to Keith Christian of Sail Rarotonga who
acted as a receiving point for all of the parts and was able to
reassemble the furler, the forestay and help us get running again. Also
to the rest of the special crew -- Bridget, Ivan & Linda, Paul, Andy
(digger) and Johnboy who lent a hand where needed and got us moving again.

Having a couple of extra weeks on the island enabled us to get to see a
few things we wouldn't otherwise have made the trip for. The dance show
at the Staircase bar on Thursday night was particularly good, and the
Islander Hotel fed us our last steak before heading into the blue again.
The show at Te Vara Nui was also worth catching, along with the many
other little places that we visited.

We should be in Palmerston in 2 or 3 days time, more likely the latter
because we'll take it slow and easy. The long range weather forecast
doesn't look good for landing there but we'll see what happens when we

After that it's on to Suwarrow and then Samoa.

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