20 July 2014

Onwards to Samoa

We spent 5 days at what has to be the most idyllic place on the planet
-- and you can only get there by boat so it's not crowded with tourists.
At one point there were 8 yachts there (plus the park ranger and his
wife who live there for 5 months of the year) and it almost felt crowded.

We swam with sharks, watched manta rays being cleaned, snorkelled around
coral reefs and took many photos and a few videos -- too much to upload
via satellite phone unfortunately.

We left Suwarrow on Friday around noon our time, and we're now headed
towards Apia, Samoa. With good winds behind us it should be a 4 day
passage but the forecast is for lighter winds after the weekend so it
may be that it takes us 5 days.

I'm trying a new sail configuration -- with the wind directly astern I
have the two headsails poled out, one either side, but I also have the
main sail up with 3 reefs, sheeted in tight to reduce the roll. There's
a fair bit of swell and we're copping some roll but I think it's working.