10 July 2014

Progress update

We are about 70 miles from Palmerston Atoll where we plan to stop for
the weekend. In theory we could make it late today with the current
wind and a bit of motor-sailing but I've decided we're going to take
things slowly. The wind is forecast to move in front of us this
afternoon and so we will heave to when it does, and wait for it to move
back around to the other side of the boat which it should do (according
to the forecast) some time late tomorrow morning.

At the moment it's a pleasant morning's sailing. Wind is about 10 knots
just in front of the beam, seas quite slight with about a metre or so
swell. We have most of the genoa up and 2 reefs in the main (I could
shake one out for speed but couldn't be bothered right now if we're
going to heave to later in the day anyway), and we're making about 4.5

I have a big bunch of bananas on deck that someone gave us at Rarotonga.
I'm waiting for them to turn over-ripe so I can test out my banana
bread recipe.

Movie time now I think.

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