02 July 2014

Just for anyone wondering where I am

I'm still at Rarotonga, still awaiting the parts to repair / replace my furler and genoa.  The furler parts and forestay are in the country now, awaiting customs clearance, while the sail left Sydney yesterday so I'm expecting it any day now.

So it's given me a bit longer to explore Rarotonga than I had otherwise planned, and there are worse places in the world to be stuck for a couple of weeks.  It has the major advantage (compared to French Polynesia) of being cheaper, at least we're not paying for accommodation except mooring fees (there being no free anchorage), while waiting.  There are plenty of nice places to eat on the island, and we've explored quite a few.  There was a night of buffet dinner and island dancing, a vietnamese/asian fusion restaurant, a lunch with another boat crew, and general getting around the island having a good time waiting for parts.

Of course I've had some work to do as well on board -- serviced the gearbox, serviced the generator, reorganised the storage a bit, etc.  Yesterday we went shopping and restocked the freezer in anticipation of leaving, and that also gave me the impetus to reorganise the pantry, etc.  All of which needs doing much more regularly on a boat than on land, because there is so much less free space so that you have to be careful of how you use it.

We've visited the other side of the island a bit, and checked out the lagoon at Muri.  I'm a bit slack at taking photos, so this one is borrowed:

All nice and tropical looking although the locals have been complaining about the cold recently (it got as low as 18 degrees at one point).

Hopefully the forestay parts will clear customs today, and the sail will go up later in the week so we should be ready to leave around Friday, weather permitting -- and if it doesn't permit we'll stay the weekend, stock up at the market on Saturday morning, and then leave on Monday.

I'm looking forwards to being out on the water again.

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