02 March 2014

Diamond Harbour again

Wind forecast for the next few days isn't good, metservice has a gale warning out with predictions of up to 50 knot winds locally, while predictwind has a forecast of 25 knots in the inner harbour for Monday evening and again up to 35 knots on Tuesday afternoon.

So I have left my berth at the marina and headed across to Diamond Harbour to pick up the club mooring.  It should be much more sheltered over here, there is no shelter in the marina from SW or SE winds (or anything else for that matter).  I should be back in the marina early on Thursday morning, it looks like it should have blown out by then.  Meanwhile I'm going to sit here and hold on tight.

There were a few minor dramas leaving the berth, as the wind shifted 180 degrees and strengthened just as I was untying ropes, so I now have an untidy mark in my paintwork down the starboard side.  Hopefully no further damage while I'm here.

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