07 July 2011

What you need to know about the boat

This page is mostly for ocean going voyages but is useful for everyone coming on board.
  • I only have a limited 240v electrical system on board (1500W max, approximately 6 amps). So any major appliances that run off AC probably won't work. Most of my gear has "car chargers" that run off 12 volt cigarette lighter style plugs of which there are several around the boat.  You may be able to bring your mobile phone charger but if you have a car charger that runs off a cigarette socket that would be preferable.
  • There is only limited hot water on board (boil a kettle). There are shower facilities but the hot water is very limited. So don't expect regular hot showers.
  • There is a toilet on board which has a holding tank. I prefer not to use the holding tank unless we have to (e.g. in a lagoon and you have to go). There are toilets at the marina. Out at sea it's not a problem.
  • There is a ship's cat. Her name is Bandit. As a result there are no ship's mice or rats.
  • Everyone chips in for cooking, cleaning, taking watches, and general sailing duties. I don't take passengers, only crew.