14 September 2014

Approaching Vanuatu

We're about 270 miles from Port Vila at the moment so chances are that
we'll be there either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Apparently we're due for a bit of weather during tomorrow. The GFS GRIB
forecast that we have shows around 20-25 knots which in reality means
probable wind strengths around 35 knots or so, because GFS is usually
under by about 50%. Fortunately it should only last for about 12 hours
but there is a trough and convergence zone we have to pass through so
that could mean some squalls and rainfall along with it. We are running
with 2 reefs in the main and a genoa at the moment, the plan is to put a
third reef in the main tonight and furl the genoa a bit, then probably
douse the genoa tomorrow and put out the staysail in its place. We have
had steady winds around 15-17 knots all day today which has given us
good miles under the keel but there really isn't any way around this
trough, we have to just push through it as best as we can.

I think the auto position updates are working OK at the moment but there
was a bit of a zig-zag where the program that handles the manual
position updates got the E and W longitude mixed up. In any case we're
back in the E hemisphere having crossed the date line which runs through
Fiji, and heading towards Vanuatu.