06 August 2014

Turtle feeding frenzy

I posted the other day that I'd been bitten on the butt by a turtle.  Yes, it really happened.  No, I don't have a turtle-shaped hole in my backside.  No, it didn't hurt (not much).

How it happened was that we went to Swimming with Turtles in Sato'alepai Village, Savai'i, Samoa.  You basically hop into this large lagoon pool where there are a bunch of pretty chilled out turtles, doing their own thing and waiting for someone to swim by with a tasty piece of papaya.  Which they are happy to take from your hands, as shown in this video shot by our sailing friend Leanne from True Blue V.

Unfortunately I think that there is a simple flaw in the premise of getting turtles used to snacking on papaya.  Papaya isn't that dissimilar in colour and shape to a human butt.

You can guess the rest of the thought process going on in that tiny little turtle brain all by yourselves.