09 May 2014

and we're off again

Today should see us leaving Raivavae for the 3-5 day (depending on
winds) passage to Papeete in Tahiti. The original plan was to leave on
Tuesday but we've had contrary winds for the last couple of days so
we've had to wait for them to swing around southerly again.

There were two French catamarans here when we arrived, they left
yesterday in the direction of the Gambiers.

The islanders were very friendly, working within the constraints of the
language barriers (French and/or Polynesian). Supplies were quite
expensive on the island -- $3/litre for diesel -- so we stocked up with
only what we needed. Some things we weren't able to find here, eggs
have eluded us so far, but we are leaving with a good store of tropical
fruits including coconut, limes and pomelo (like a grapefruit but larger
and sweeter). Breakfast cereal was limited to coco pop like substance,
but we have baguettes and coconut bread. Last night's dinner was an
island/ships stores combination of fish cooked in lime and coconut juice
and sauteed bananas. So we're not suffering by any stretch of the

Papeete will seem like an absolute metropolis by comparison.

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