02 August 2013

Where is Chiara Stella?

For the next two weeks Chiara Stella is over at Balmain getting a new one of these installed:

After that she will be back in Lavender Bay for a week or two.

On the 31st August we are moving to Sydney Wharf Marina in Pyrmont Bay (right out the front of the casino / Google offices) while I wait for a weather window for Newcastle.  Hopefully that will be no longer than a week because that's all I've booked at the marina, but can be extended if required.

Then we're sailing to Newcastle.  Pete Winning and potentially one other crew are joining us, and Taryn if she can make it (e.g. it's on a weekend).  From when we get there (1st September or shortly after) we will be at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club marina.  Chiara Stella will need to be hauled out to get her usual antifoul and zinc replacement so I'll head back to Sydney for that and go up to Newcastle again when she's ready.

Newcastle marina will be home until early December.