08 September 2012

Heading out to Chiara Stella for most of the weekend for some maintenance.  Starting on the long process of packing down to live aboard.

To whit, I have some stuff that's going cheap and/or free:

Free to good home:  Dell XPS M1530 laptop, 15" screen (not widescreen) around 1650x1050 resolution or something like that, 4GB RAM, dual core, 320GB hard disk, webcam, etc.  It's 3-4 years old but it was a reasonably high end model at the time.  It currently has an OS of some kind on it but I can stick either Ubuntu or Win7 Pro on it (it came with Vista, you don't want that).  The battery is past its use by so it best runs off AC power.

Cheap/make me an offer:  Toshiba 15.6" widescreen laptop, I forget the model number.  8GB RAM, i7 8 core CPU, 750GB HDD.  Standard 15.6" resolution which is 1366x768 or similar.  Currently has Ubuntu on it but I have disks to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium.  Good but not great battery life.

I can throw in a few games:  Europa Universalis II and III, something total war, virtual skipper, some headphones, spare cables, etc.  If that cat doesn't stop trying to attack and slay my new monitor I'll throw her in for free too.