09 June 2012

Don't ever buy anything electrical, mechanical, or anything that involves engineering, carrying the words "Made in France".

I have no idea why I fell for it again.  New furler required so I decided to buy one of the same brand to match the existing one, perhaps to make carrying spare parts easier.  Dumn idea, very dumn.  Should have bought something made in Australia, or somewhere sensible like Germany (although I don't know of any German made furlers).

7 screws.  3 different head types -- 2 philips/pozidrive, 2 flat head, 3 allen/hex key.

Of the 3 screws with hex key heads, there were 3 different sizes.  2 metric, one imperial.

Who does that?  OMGWTFBBQ!

Anyway, I'm not naming the brand, those of you who have some familiarity with sailing gear can probably guess, but never again.