23 March 2012

How do you get by without broadband internet?

The first step to solving a problem is to admit you have one.

Hello, my name is Del and I have a problem.  It's called the internet.  It features highly in my list of things to achieve before I set sail.

So I started on building a list and have been maintaining it, and I use rememberthemilk to keep building it and crossing things off.  It occurs to me that I'll need something like that to take with me, and so having wifi on board means I can secrete a small server somewhere about the ship to serve web pages and host that sort of stuff.  Problem solved.  Building that goes on to the to do list.

The rest of the to do list looks a lot like this.  In no particular order.
  1. Dismantle the rear main hatch and fix leaks.  There was some small seepage around the edges last time I was at sea.
  2. Fix the new float switches.  I think I will abandon the plan of getting a float switch pair fitted and just use the single electronic switch at the bottom of the bilge.  I just need to convince someone very slender to fit it for me, it's going to be a stretch of a job.
  3. Get the rigging inspected.  I expect it's basically OK but it needs inspecting anyway.  There are probably some swages that need replacing but the steel looks to be in good condition.
  4. Replace the dead Danish VHF with something like the Icom IC-M505, or maybe the M504 which is similar but cheaper.
  5. Fit an AIS unit, the front runner being the Icom MA-500TR.
  6. Investigate satellite email options.  Leave this until nearly last, prices appear to be dropping all of the time.
  7. Consider replacing the HF unit.  The current unit works fine although it doesn't support email over sailmail, but I'm inclined to shelve this in favour of satellite.
  8. Fit a furler to the babystay so that I can have a furling staysail as well as a furling genoa.  Makes for easier sail trimming from the cockpit.  I will need at least 2 additional cleats in the cockpit but that's no biggie.  The last quote I got for a Profurl C320 was $1699.  Of course I'd then need to get a new sail cut.
  9. Replace the guardrails with uncoated stainless wire.
  10. Replace all of the galley hoses.
  11. Replace all of the toilet hoses.
Starting about this weekend, with cutting, measuring, and thinking.