15 August 2010

successful work day

  • Went up the mast to the spreaders.  Found that the dodgy spreader light had a blown bulb, so found some LED replacements at Marine LED Solutions.  Bought two because the other one is too power hungry (and will probably blow soon anyway).
  • Went up to the top of the mast.  There aren't any actual signs of corrosion or faulty connections up there but it doesn't look 100% good either.  The plastic cover for the lights (tri-colour sailing light, and all-round white anchor light) is salted and semi-opaque, so will need to come down for a wash, and then be stuck back into place again.  I'm considering rescue tape.  The tri-colour still doesn't work despite me wiggling it each way to sunday, so I have ordered a replacement LED bulb (Marine LED Solutions again) and another for the anchor light, so I will make another trip up there next weekend.  Tools to take: lanolin spray, screwdrivers, small wire brush, multimeter, replacement bulbs, tape.
  • Chipped all of the rust off the top deck, except a bit of stuff I couldn't get to behind the LPG box.  Started on some of the rust around the forepeak, although I might need to get a grinder to some of it under the gunwale rails at the bow.  Started on some of the rust on the walk bar at the back of the windvane, although the rest will need doing from in the dinghy.
  • Re-mounted the windvane although one of the mounts is missing and the other has a broken spring pin, so I'll need to get a new mount made and replace the spring pin from in the dinghy.  I might just remove the one good existing mount and ask the marina to make me a new one in their workshop.